Privacy Policy

Mark Loveday’s Privacy Policy:

Tanfield Chambers is committed to protecting the personal data that you provide to us and recognise the importance of being clear about how we intend to use it.

All personal data provided by you through this website will be held by Tanfield Chambers Services Limited. Our address is 2-5 Warwick Court London WC1R 5DJ. Our data protection registration number is: ZA194333. Full details of our notified purposes can be viewed at the website of the Information Commissioner’s Office

This privacy policy relates to personal data that you provide us through the website. There are hyperlinks contained within our website which link to other websites owned and operated by third parties. These third parties have their own privacy policies and we recommend that you consider those when using their websites. We do not accept any liability or responsibility in terms of the privacy and security practices of these third party organisations and their websites.

Information we may collect from you

When you receive a service from our website we may ask you for personal data and other information to allow us to provide you with the services that you require. This could include the following:

Full name
Email address
Telephone number
Details of your enquiry
Name of your organisation
Curriculum vitae details (for those enquiring about jobs)

The internet is not completely secure. We cannot guarantee the security of your personal data transmitted through our website using our web forms or by email. Any transmission is at your own risk. Some of the information you provide to us may be considered sensitive personal data as defined under the Data Protection Act 1998. This means information about the data subjects ethnic or racial origin, political opinions, religious beliefs, trade union memberships, physical or mental health, sexual life or criminal record. We would advise users of this website to send such information or anything considered confidential by a more secure system such as encrypted email or fax. Our fax number is: 020 7421 5333. Sensitive personal data will only be processed following your explicit consent.

How do we intend to use your personal data?

To provide a service: We may contact you for reasons relating to the service you have made a request for. We would use your contact details to manage this and may retain them for marketing purposes. Please refer to the marketing section below on how we may use your personal data for marketing purposes.

If you are interested in working for us we will only use your personal data to process your application, monitor recruitment and provide statistics. Personal data about unsuccessful candidates will be retained for six months after the recruitment process is completed, at which point it will be disposed of securely.

Will my personal data be shared with other organisations?

Your personal data provided by you via our website will only be used by Tanfield Chambers.

However, we may need to pass your personal data to one or more of our Barristers to allow us to provide you services. All of our Barristers are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and adhere to strict security standards.

In exceptional circumstances such as dealing with fraud, credit risk, dealing with abusive online behaviour, to enforce rights, to protect property, to protect human safety, if the law required it; or if we sell or merge any part of our business, we may pass your personal data to another person or organisation to use for their own purposes. We will not otherwise disclose your personal data to anyone outside Tanfield Chambers to use for their own purpose without telling you, for example, by updating this privacy.

Ibraheem Dulmeer’s Privacy Policy

Chambers General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance:

Under the General Data Protection Regulations, we are required to inform you about how your personal information will be obtained, used, disclosed and managed by us.

How your data will be treated by us:

Any personal data provided to Chambers will be used first and foremost to secure and provide you with the legal services you have sought from us and the Barristers who work from or with Chambers.

The personal data you provide us with may additionally be used for updating case records, improving our practice and performance in our work for you and others, statutory returns and compliance with professional/regulatory obligations upon us and the Barristers who work with or from Chambers.

You will have agreed to allow us to pass your personal data to Barristers and others (including other legal professionals, Chambers administration staff, experts etc.) who will be involved with the processing and management of the legal services we provide you with.

We will only ever disclose your personal data when it is necessary to do so and in the furtherance of the work you have instructed us to undertake for you.

The length of time we will store personal data

We will only ever store your information for as long as is reasonably required to conclude the work you have instructed Chambers and the Barristers who work for or with Chambers to do for you.

We aim to keep your personal data for the minimum period of time possible in all cases but in some instances it may be necessary to retain it for longer than your instructed work is being worked upon by Chambers and the Barristers who work for or with Chambers.

Our aim is in all cases to destroy all personal data that could lead to the identification of its subject within 6 years and that once the work we have been instructed to perform has been completed any such data that is retained before destruction will only be retained in an anonymized format.

Your right according to the GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulations provide that any person who believes Chambers to hold data relating to them personally or that could lead to them being identified by that data can request access to any such data by Chambers to inspect the same and to gain an explanation for its retention by chambers.

You can request that any of your personal data held by chambers be updated, corrected or reviewed (including a request for a review of the reason for continuing to hold such data).

Requests can be made for any such personal data to be destroyed.

Personal data can be used to inform automated decision making but Chambers policy is to keep such automation to a minimum, however the subjects of any personal data held by chambers may request that their data not be processed in such a way in any regard.

The data subject may also object to the processing of their data at all or request a restriction on the processing of their data by Chambers, it should be noted that such a request may have an effect on Chambers ability to communicate with that person or to carry out instructions to chambers to perform work.

Further information

The General Data Protection Regulation can be found at

The Data Protection Act 2018 can be found at

We take the security of your information very seriously and we have ensured that appropriate measures and safeguards are in place to provide unauthorised access to your information.

GDPR requests or Complaints

Initial request and Complaints should be made to Chambers Director by e-mail at:

who will thereafter contact you within 14 days to ascertain any further information required by Chambers to fully investigate or deal with your reason for contacting Chambers.

Initial requests and complaints will thereafter be dealt with by Chambers and Alex Fletcher who is the nominated Chambers GDPR compliance officer. It is anticipated that Chambers will supply you with a full response to your concern within 30 days of your initial contact.

On occasion however further time may be required if an in-depth investigation is required before a response can be given, in such circumstances you will be notified of the requirement for further time and you will be provided with a best possible estimate for when a full response will be given.

If after the full response has been given you remain dissatisfied or feel that your request has not been dealt with properly then you are able to complain directly to the Information Commissioners Office by visiting or by calling them on 0303 123 1113.